Design with AI, taste and biting the curve

The development of AI is making it easier and more tempting for clients to replace human creativity with artificial intelligence. While some are embracing this change, others are worried about losing their jobs.s.

It's true that for us specialists, AI is changing how we work and the role we take in the creative process. Soon, execution will take minutes for tasks which before required months, such as building a website or generating logos. It's silly to reject or ban AI. Instead, we should take on new roles as directors or producers.

It's not just an operator role where we need to type correct prompts in MidJorney or ChatGPT. I am talking about developing taste - a high-quality taste.

To be fair, knowledge of how design or code is produced and executed is important. Understanding requirements, communication, and sales are still a big part of the overall design process. However, in the long run, AI will take care of those parts as well. So, if we concentrate on one thing, I'd choose to develop directing skills. Skills like taste, articulation, knowledge of context, and logic. All of them can be developed by looking, observing, and analyzing.

You should aim to be able to to express ideas in clear and simple terms, so that anyone, regardless of their age or experience, can understand and implement them. To be able to feel and express feelings a direct an execution.

This is a new language for the next generation, and we need to learn it.