I am product designer and manager. I help companies solve tough problems and deliver digital products.
Solving design challenges and managing projects in fintech, banking, transportation and blockchain.
XIXOIO – Identity for Crypto Banking Ecosystem
Creating a identity for financial startup
Strategy and Interfaces for ROWA B Business
Creating a digital banking experience for businesses
Brand for AML System
Creating recognisable brand for B2B
Truedentify Verification Flow
Name and verification experience
Brand for ROWA B
Branding banking alternative
Nеw Year campaign for Digital Money Transfers
Bring the holiday spirit for online money transfers
MoneyPolo.World money transfers
User experience for online money transfers
lijinen typeface
De Stijl inspired font
From Pyro with love
An open letter to TF2 developers from the community
Besides my full time job, I'm managing and helping designers, working on transportation projects and trying to help out non-profit organizations and local governments with pro-bono strategy and design work.
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