Yuriy Shiryaev fintech product designer and manager.
Making digital products.

I design applications, web services, UX/UI for banks, strategy and branding for fintech startups. Tweeting and blog about design, finances and interfaces.

グロテスカ Gurotesuka typeface
Gurotesuka is a wide grotesque typeface inspiered by Japanese culture
Design for Manhole Covers
Made in Park: Web app with a library of 3D design for manhole covers
Eco Energy World Group Branding and Web
Logo and web for the eco-energy company
Made in Park: Service for making visual covers
Chocotopia Web Presence
Web for the best Chocolate museum in the Czech Republic
Strategy and Interfaces for fintech startup ROWA B Business
Creating a digital banking experience for businesses
Brand for AML System
Creating recognisable brand for B2B
Design for ATM Interfaces
Developing a sleek UI and UX
Link's Re:Awakening Stickers
Stickers to celebrate Link's Awakening release
Japanese Tourist Stickers
Sticker pack to express love to Japan
Mobile Fintech Verification UI Kit
Mobile Verification Sketch UI kit
Regional Micro Typography
Typographic rules for regions and languages
Nеw Year campaign for Digital Money Transfers
Bring the holiday spirit for online money transfers
MoneyPolo.World money transfers
User experience for fintech money transfers
lijinen typeface
De Stijl inspired font
From Pyro with love
An open letter to TF2 developers from the community
XIXOIO – Crypto Banking Ecosystem
Creating an identity for a financial startup