Product Designer Yuriy Shiryaev

I’m an open-minded Product Designer & Art Director.
Working to bring clarity and profit.

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Product Designs

And more: Dodo pre opening web pages, Breifing website, CreaPay logo and branding, WeOpsy apps and web, Fluoropolymers – Plastics Europe web, Complex internal systems for Paymentology, website, Suyo PH delivery app, Chocotopia web pages, FAS finance, Привет, это Тайга branding, Vocalls website design, EEW Group – Brand and web, Map for Sigma.

Personal Projects

And more: lijinen typeface, Telegram audio guide for Nara city, Scooter sharing app for wearables concept, Health certificate, Войсраптор-9000.

Media about Japanese Urban Design

Media about Japanese urban and graphic design

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