Concept of the Digital Green Certificate

The concept contains information about vaccinations and test results was required by the EU. All in a convenient, modern and friendly way.

Simple two tab app keeps all test results and certificates. No need to carry paper printouts or plastic cards. Show the QR code to verify a test or a certificate.

Printed version looks great in color or black and white. Also, if A4 paper folded in two, details about the certificate owner will be conveniently visible on the side. No need to look for the right document if there are several printouts. Also, for privacy purposes only QR is visiable when the paper is folded.

In case of the positive test, app should help with next steps.

With digital certificate it will be possible to provide translation for every nation worldwide.

If a person does not have a certificate or tests yet, the app can explain how to get them. And for families with kids who still don't have their own phones – a digital certificate can be put in the parent's app.