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Working situatins can be different: happens an interface of web service, mobile or desktop apps just does not work as you wanted. Or you know where the interface has weak points but it is not clear how to solve them. Sometimes it's hard to negotiate requirements with a designer or an agency. Or you need a solution for the task without big financial losses. Can be that you are a designer and stuck with a client who does not understand you.

The solution – you need an art director or a user interface designer. The issue is – it's hard to reach to them. To receive an advice from well-known designers takes time or lots of money. Also, they might don't want to listen to you.

I can help you with your task. I am doing interfaces, create working projects and my job is to find a way how to solve difficult design problems.

How consultation works

1. Send me an email with a description of the task based on a questionary

This is important because it helps to understand the issue and project structure. The more detailed the description will be – the better will be the consulatation.

2. Get the first free specific suggestion

After one week I will send a general comment about the task and a specific suggestion. You will get the advice for free and can decide if you would like to continue. If you don't like the advice – no hard feelings. If you believe that my suggestions can be beneficial – I will be glad to send more.

What will you get

Suggestions can be different. Starting from an email to do nothing because everything is good. And ending up with me creating the interface in graphical format. If needed we can schedulle a Skype call.

Example of PDF with comments and suggestions:


Skype consulation costs €40 per hour. Personal meeting in Prague – €50.


Matěj Maňák –

Comments for improvements on our website from Yuriy were very helpful and innovative. Once he looked through it he started pouring out great ideas on how to maximalize engagement and make more sales.

About me

In the portfolio please find projects I have been working on.

To start send me an email

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