With the upcoming matchmaking update and previous Pyro balance changes, we had a pyro round table about how we see our most beloved class in future.
We care about the pyro and the gameplay, that is why we made a list of concerns, those that we feel have the most impact on the balancing of the game. We also feel that some of these concerns are important enough to consider before making major balance changes to Pyro, such as changes to Flamethrower damage and Degreaser switch speed.
We are top competitive pyros from the USA, Europe, Australia and Asia. Together we have combined 16,488 hours on Pyro in Team Fortress 2.
Flamethrower Mojo
Flame range (and thus, damage) is inconsistent with network conditions. Pyros with a “better” connection to a server have a significant advantage.
Flames view and world particles
Flame view and world particles are inaccurate compared to the server (One placeholder solution is to make the particle view part of tf_debug_flamethrower a non-cheat option).
Airblasting projectiles casino
Airblasting projectiles, while teammates or obstructions are near, causes them to redirect in an awkward and virtually uncontrollable directions.
Airblast range
Airblast range is not easy to discern for non-Pyro players, even for experienced players.
Flamethrower viewmodel flames get in the way of what you’re aiming at, far more so than other primaries.
Afterburn is not very effective in competitive play. It only truly comes into play when someone is on fire constantly, through use of detonator, scorch shot, or your flamethrower.
For a full list of concerns, check out the document.
Because we love playing pyro. Because we want to be there for the team and do our best. Because we help to cover other team members weaknesses, and we can do it better than any other class. And, because, we believe in magic.
If you have the same love for pyro, please share our open letter.
We hope our perspective on Pyro as its top players will provide you with insight on the issues of Pyro. We are looking forward to hearing from you, Valve!