How to Ask for a Discount

There are two important rules about discounts: “Always ask for a discount” and “Ask for discount for everything”.

The trick is to ask politely and show respect for people. You might not get a discount, but with some persistence and kindness, the chances are very high.

The template of how to ask for a discount

  1. Greet the company or if you know the name of the person greet personally
  2. Thank for service or feature you like
  3. Show respect and give the company right to say no
  4. Ask “How can I get a discount?”
  5. Give a reason why to have a discount. It can be a big purchase, that you are a new client, your birthday is coming or something else. Don’t lie.
  6. Thank again.


Hello, dear Amazon!

Thank you for your wonderful service! I greatly respect the policy of the company. And I will understand if you can’t answer my request.

I am thinking of getting a premium subscription for a year. Can you please tell me how can I get a discount?

Thank you for your time.

It may happen that you will get a rejection. And it means that negotiations started! Thank again a person who replied and asks for a different deal: three months for the price of two, a gift card or something else.

Be kind, use the template and ask for discounts.