Open banking data and Integration

Easily and secure integrategration of payments and financial data into your product.

what we do

Connect your app to any bank account

Onboard customers in seconds and securely access financial data with Data API. Say goodbye to manual form-filling and accelerate your AML and KYC processes.

Detailed banking history

Access real-time financial data – all cleaned up and categorised so it's immediately useful and valuable.

Verify real-time account balances

Instantly verify account ownership using real-time data straight from a user’s bank account

Auth data

Retrieve account number, sort code, IBAN, and BIC automatically within your application’s flow.

Banking data for you

Digital Banking

Automate onboarding and provide users with a unified view of their finances.

Personal Finance

Turn banking data into budgeting and saving insights for your users.


Elevate the entire trading experience with instant deposits and withdrawals.


Build a seamless checkout experience, stamp out fraud, and eliminate chargebacks.

Credits and Loans

Make faster lending decisions and identify more eligible borrowers.

Your case

Tell us the details and we will help you to customize your app.

PSD2 compliance

PayAxe integrations are PSD2 compliant, delivering secure and reliable access to the European financial ecosystem.




Build and test your prototype with core features and limited API


from 100 EUR

Launch your project with unlimited API calls and data


200 EUR / Month

For corporations with a lot of users and data