The Post Оffice and Мail Delivery in the Future

Post offices and mail delivery are far from being convenient and easy to use. Clients have to manually write addresses, adjust to a suitable time for the courier to pick up mail and delivery is not always reliable. Mail delivery will be simplified and personalised by robots. It’’s cheaper, more reliable and the delivery company will have less complains because of human factor.

The post office should be digitalised and robotised.

Order mail or parcel dispatch

With a post app, you will choose where to send mail. With the phone, will be possible with AR determine dimensions of the box. After sharing your contact book with post app the system it will be enough to choose the contact by name. The system will figure out the rest itself: addressee location and suitable time for the delivery. No post codes, addresses or manual input.

Mail collection

Next drones or cars with autopilot will come to collect your mail. Right now human couriers are cheaper. But with an organised fleet of robots, they will adjust to times and locations. And in general will be faster and more pleasent to interactwith. The robot will bring an envelope or a container for the mail, where you put letters or what you are sending.

The envelope or container has a code and will be sealed and sent to warehouse. This will provide identification of post delivery, senders and tracking.

Sorting and delivery

In operational centre software already calculate how many robots it will need to deliver parcels and build the most optimal route. Priority mail delivery will cost more and will be faster.

Like in Amazone warehouses, post is sorted and sent to another city or country. Letters and parcels within one city don’t go to sorting but instead directly to an addressee.

The route-planning software would like to have access to the addressee calendar in order to find the best option timewise and locations for the delivery.


If people will not feel like sharing calendar and location with post office system this still will be post offices where sender bring mails or parcels and the addressee can receive them later. Of course, storing parcels and a letter will cost money. I believe the majority will prefer to share location, calendar and phonebook data in exchange for cheap services and convenience.

Since there will be no place for people and delivery personnel in this system, they will have to find another occupation.