Scooter Sharing App on Apple Watch

Being a controversial topic, increase of bike and scooter sharing services becomes a trend of recent years. I designed an experience for micro mobility ride sharing on wearables.

Apple Watch Scooter Sharing App

I set a limit for the design: no changes to scooter’s construction and the watch app is an addition to the phone. Watch should cover quick unlock, search and ride. The phone is needed for on-boarding, payment set up or issue reporting.

To make a decision about renting a scooter client needs to know:

  • Where is the vehicle?
  • Does it have a battery?
  • Has the scooter been damaged?
  • Will it last to my destination?

Watch app can provide answers to those questions in the compact, convenient and understandable form. I defined two scenarios which can benefit from using a watch:

  • client already in front of a scooter(s),
  • client needs to search for nearby vehicles sutable for a ride.

In front of a scooter

Scooter is in front of you. Unlock and go. Currently, services use a QR or digit code to identify and unlock vehicles. Geopositioning and mobile internet help to verify if the client really near the vehicle.

Apple Watch Scooter Sharing App: Unlock near by scooter

▶ High resolution video

Watch is about quick interactions. One screen helps to make decision about renting based on amount of battery charge.

Find a scooter suitable for a ride

If there are no scooters in close proximity (let’s say 10 meters), watch can help to locate vehicles in walkable distance. Search gives a list of scooters with charge and distance to them. In case all near by scooters have low battery, search is always accessible afrer scooter cards.

Apple Watch Scooter Sharing App: search and unlock

▶ High resolution video

What next?

This user experience can be applied for shared bikes, scooters, e-scooters, mopeds or cars.

Apple Watch Scooter Sharing App: electric car app

Speed is valuable for unlocking, finding the right vehicle and getting to the desired destination. The idea of supporting a watch app might be expensive right now. I believe with time, watch can help companies to differentiate from the competition and provide a smoother and enjoyable experience.

Micro-mobility gaining popularity because it’s faster than car-based trips. Sometimes even faster than public transportation. In my opinion scooters and bikes will not change transportation in the cities, but will be a solid addition to current means. To have a better experince in the future I propose a set of ideas for scooters and sharing services.