Food Тracking and Health App

Besides being active or looking at their phones humans eat. A lot. And to track what you had is hard. There are smart forks, sensors, and apps. Usually with manual input. There is no magic in punching fats and carbs in a table.

Food box providers, canteens, or restaurants already have all food data. Why not share it?

Unite food tracking with lunch boxes and canteens

Excluding cases when a doctor has to guide the patient, I am talking about people with a desire to have a healthier life.

A potential customer of the service may look for a canteen or lunch box service, which provides food data. Data tracked via Maps can show restaurants that provide food data.

As soon as the place has been found the client has all information about the menu, portions, carb, calories, fats, etc. Menu and portions suggestions based on lifestyle, sports goals, and allergies.

When a client buys food via the app or pays on a cash desk, data immediately transferred to the phone. If the client does not finish the meal – the record may be removed from the list.

At the end of the week data combined into a report. This approach may help to bring more customers to stores, predict food supply, and make people’s lives better.