Concept for Case study

The task: “How would you approach redesign of the search flow to address a complex door-to-door itineraries? Count with various types of transportation, still offer a good search experience”. Before starting with Sketch and other design tools I made some preparation.

What is door-to-door travelling?

In my ideal world it looks like this:

Leaving my place in Prague and after some time end up standing in front of hotel door. And I don’t want to warry about want happens in bettwen A and B. I want the technology to plan and book all parts of the journey for me.

And between A and B happens quite a lot:

  • Flights (airports)
  • Accommodation
  • Local transport
  • Taxi/Cab/Uber
  • Food
  • Entertainment
  • Goal of travelling

My plan for a trip to Helsinki conference

What about business and audience?

In my openion Kiwi’s business model is based on people’s desire to have cheap flights and high level of customization. I created a TRIZ system to explain what motivates people to use Kiwi services, what fears they have and how the company makes money.

This lead me to a conclucssuon, that Kiwi’s current audince Hardcore travellers, nomads and students. Those people are not afaraid of discomfort of losing time or repetition of security clearance and rechecking of bags.

With that idea in mind I summed up the answer to Kiwi’s question:

Door-to-door travelling — the transition from A to B (and back to A) with transportation, accommodation and activities in between will be taken care of. Ideally, it will be pre-purchased or booked.

Solution – seamless travelling

The whole process is broken into several parts. Client start with selecting a flight, then possible layover. Next are accomodation and transfer. And as a charry on a top – food, because after a long flight people probblably will be hungry.

When booking transfer, food or layover the client has an option to decline the offer and move to a next step. While making a transfer map transforms into convenient helper shoing the route and time.

Services are piling into the “cart” and showing estimated price of the whole trip on the top. This helps to stay on the budget. A any point client can retuen back to any point of their jorney and change it. All this creates seamless booking experince.

Home page – discover more

Updated main page

After any trip is done the home page can be changed according to a budget and last trips. Easch image is a quick link to purchasing the door-to-door trip.

Social networks help share experience and promote trips. Also travellers can create their own trips and share selections and seasonal lists.

Adventures – what will be next?

The goal is set for every trip trip. Boring booking transportation and accommodation are taken care of leaving clients only to choose what they what to do in their next trip.