All you need to know about neomorphism

The issues with modern designers that they like to move pixels and style them. Not everyone of course, but some treat design only as a stylistic discipline. Currently, there is a neomorphism train rushing ahead. However, does it worth your time?

This is a classic Gmail look. List of mails, sidebar, navigation and buttons:


Next, a new look. Red compose button got bigger, stylish navigation and chat:


And a neomorphism UI by Khushboo Choudhary. It looks modern and hip.


There are no changes to how Gmail functioning and how clients’ read and write emails. I believe stylistic changes does not deserve time we spend on them. Changing a style will not significantly affect how the product brings benefits to the customer.

A new colour for buttons will bring less customer compared to the integration with Apple Pay, for example.

A new style is only showing off and adding a value to the service. The new design is beneficial, helpful to customers and solve problems.