No Interface is Better than Simplification

Recently, Twitter brought up a quote by Ted Nelson: “A user interface should be so simple that a beginner in an emergency can understand it within ten seconds.” The quote sparked a conversation and it seems that the simpler interface – the better for a client. I think, rather than simplifying the interface we should think about how to avoid it. I believe NO interface is the best solution.

The interface is limiting interactions between clients and services. It wastes time, human resources, money and energy. Clients have to use it and the company has to build it. The ideal service requires no interface to get to the benefit.

Luck of interface helps increase efficiency, illuminate users’ mistakes and bring benefit to the client faster. For instance, Amazon Dash buttons remove web interactions between clients and service. One click orders a detergent or drinks. Instead of going to the web, searching the right product, clicking “Purchase“ and putting an order — just a single click on a physical button.

The ideal e-shop just sells, the ideas post office just delivers, the ideal public transport gets you to the destination and the ideal headphones just play music.

No UI approach is based on the idea that a system delivers the benefit to the client the most efficient way, removing all unnecessary.

Bureau Gorbunov shares this idea in their works. Also, Luke Wroblewski mentioned it on Conversations 2017.

The best interface is the one that does not exist.