Tesla and Timeless Design

After Tesla revealed Model Y I felt that Model S body design looks outdated. Only five years have passed since the release, and the futuristic car became ordinary looking. To explain this let’s refer to three rules of timeless design.

Tesla timless design

To become timeless design should be simple, durable and affordable.

Tesla cars are durable and high quality. Their simplicity is strongly connected to technology. And affordability depends on price strategy.

Technology and simplicity

Consumers buying Tesla because of electro motors, battery, autopilot, over air software updates, summoning feature.

In new models, tech advancements provide easier interactions. The same happening with iPhones: with the introduction of Touch ID phone lost a whole button and got simpler. Simpler looking object tend to be perceived as better designed.


Model S starts 85 000 USD and model Y from ​47 000 USD, respectively. When a simpler design with more benefits is more affordable, the precious generation becomes immediately outdated. The same story happened with MacBook which is cheaper and thinner compared to the older model.

For tech and digital companies, it’s hard to build a timeless design. Technology changes each day, becoming more complex. Also, the function of the product is changing constantly. The car of today is becoming a digital extension of us. Not only it should drive around. But also match our habits and demands. That is why the design of the most futuristic car from 2013 getting outdated today.