With Clients, Provide

benefit and care

In my opinion, the most important idea from the negotiation course. If one’s act with intention to bring benefits and care – it helps to solve the task and bring profit.

In short

Any conversation is a negotiation.

Any negotiations can be systemized and logical.

Negotiator aims to create long-lasting mutual cooperation.

Never lie or manipulate. Be honest.

The benefit to another side. Stick to personal interests.

No need in this deal.

Need is usually outside those negotiations.

People feel your need.

Luck of need is allowing yourself to say no.

You can always say NO

Allow client to say NO as well.

Ask open questions.

Understand what is really worrying the client.

You want to help and take care of the client. And do that honestly.

If they said “No”, ask why?

Control the process, not the result.