Self Design: Plan for 2019

This year I am interested in user interfaces, business models, leadership negotiations, time and self managment, people direction and guiding, patterns of counterintuitive thinking.

To read

  1. The Visual Display of Quantitative Information by Edward Tufte
  2. Envisioning Information by Edward Tufte
  3. Beautiful Evidence by Edward Tufte
  4. Start with NO… by Jim Camp
  5. Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi
  6. Do It Tomorrow and Other Secrets of Time Management by Mark Forster
  7. Справочник издателя и автора by Arkady Milchin
  8. Dao Toyota by Jeffrey K. Liker
  9. Orgmanagment thinking by Georgy Shedrovicky

To watch

  1. Ludwig Bistronovsky – How to create interest (Summary)
  2. Yandex design school
  3. Yandex mobile UI school
  4. Yandex project managment school
  5. Product design by Tamara Kulinkovich (Product love formula. Love = Interest - Excitement + Enjoyment - Happiness)
  6. BangBangEducation talks
  7. Happy Film by Stefan Sagmeister
  8. The End of Navel Gazing by Paul Adams (UX is not in the center. Leadership is. All teams are important.)
  9. WWDC
  10. Apple September event
  11. Eugene Arutyunov – We want to play

To visit

  1. Amsterdam (Published Design travel guide)
  2. Beauty exhebition by Sagmeister and Walsh in Vienna (Photos from the trip)
  3. Germany (Pictures from coal mine and road trip)
  4. Krakow (Pictures from the trip)
  5. Japan (Telegram notes from the trip in Russian and pictures from the trip)
  6. South Korea (Telegram notes from the trip in Russian, pictures from the trip and post about metro)

To study

  1. Negotiation course by Ilya Sinelnikov
    (Got diploma and wrote about “How to ask for discounts” and “Most important knowledge”)
  2. People managment course

To create

  1. Portoflio 2019
  2. List of all unfinished tasks (from book Mark Forster)
  3. Metro map (in progress)
  4. Telegram channel and
  5. Telegram stickers Link’s Awakening

From Ivan Zviahin found a concept for personal growth and self-design. In its core a model of personal skills represented as the octopus. Each tentacle is a skill. To improve a skill one needs to do work. Ivan has a more detail explanation on how to create a list.