Before Starting a Project

Receiving the task. Clearing all details. Spending half of the week to design the first prototype. Work goes into the trash. Feeling of devastation. To save time, effort, nerves and make the design process structured and interesting here is a short template. This makes work useful.


Person: target audiences, viewer, customer, user.

Problem: an issue they are having. Pain or harm they are experiencing.

Benefit: what usefulness you are going to give.

Task: How are you going to achieve the benefit. A plan how to get to the benefit from the current state.


I saw a social campaign in Prague. If trash stack up near the house, tenants can ask to dispatch it out of turn. Unfortunately, the ad was used as a solution. Prague citizens have to look for a phone of administration of the house. Next step is to send their request via the administrator.

Person: citizenships of Prague city.

Problem: cluttered trash beans.

Benefit: clean and empty trash beans.


  • organize out of turn despatch: hire people or buy cars
  • inform people about the service: explain how it works, what are the pricing, timing, restrictions about a location
  • provide tools to order service: create a web page or portal to request the despatch
  • based on received data build statistics about where and when the city has most cluttered beans and prepare for the next period.

People are using banks because of strong motivation to save money or to receive more money. Money is needed for personal reasons: car, flat, school, university or business expansion.

Person: clients of the bank.

Problem: luck of money for a new car or flat. Wish to go to a good school.

Benefit: help client earn or save money for those wishes.


  • educate about different investment strategies or saving options,

  • give a client automatic digital piggy bank. If the client can name it account will have personal touch.

  • show a client a clear picture where their money went. Where they can stop spending money.