How to Name Files

    For 7 years in design, I worked on different design projects. Some were easy and straightforward. Some had twisting bumpy turns and last minute changes which lead to a mess in my files and organisation. During those years I found a small trick on how to stay organized with my work.

    A common designer’s project folder:


    I rarely recall to switch on sorting by date. And sharing a project on a flash drive with a colleague will remove all soring by date and files will be in a mess.

    To save time and keep project organised name all files in date format Year-month-day. My current project folder:


    I name files at the end of the day. To avoid typing date manually I use action from Automator. It adds the current date to selected file or folder.

    current date

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    22nd August
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    Car UI for the future

    This concept was created in April 2017.

    In future, there will be less car-savvy people. We will see cars as a technology to get from point A to point B. Some people even will not have a desire to understand how to drive. Thus car UI should be all about car related interactions. The UI needs to help you to have trust in the car and what it is doing.

    UI of the car is aimed to let driver and passengers to feel most comfortable while experiencing a car ride.

    The UI helps to gain trust in the car and what it does.

    In the future autonomous driving will be widely spread and allowed by law.

    Personal devices will stay as a screen for an entertainment and allow to do work while the car is driven autonomously. We will not write e-mails or browse the web on a car screen. Those are the duties will be given for phones or tablets.

    As soon as you parked your car it connects to parking machine, receives fees information and automatically starts the parking

    When you are back, car prepares a bill for you. Pay right from the screen and you are ready to go.

    Car of the future will service itself, will take care of trip planing on a long ride or park in a busy city. Car of the future will not be just a tech. It will be your robot friend.

    Notification and scheduling the service time.

    Or pick the most convenient date.

    For everybody will be possible to ride in the car of the future. However, to really drive one you still need a driver’s licence. You phone will have a driver’s licence. To drive you will need to be in your car with a phone or unlock the car with a touch of a finger.

    29th April
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