Music Likes: May

    May was a for car travelling music and I descover an amazing Japanese girl rock band Mutant monster. Also Go – Black keys, fast and jumpy Walls – CRX and definitely check Abnormal – Mutant monster.

    Enjoy the collection on Spotify. Suitable for a commute or travelling on foot. For Apple Music use Convertify to get the playlist.

    1st June
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    No Interface is Better than Simplification

    Recently, Twitter brought up a quote by Ted Nelson: “A user interface should be so simple that a beginner in an emergency can understand it within ten seconds.” The quote sparked a conversation and it seems that the simpler interface – the better for a client. I think, rather than simplifying the interface we should think about how to avoid it. I believe NO interface is the best solution.

    The interface is limiting interactions between clients and services. It wastes time, human resources, money and energy. Clients have to use it and the company has to build it. The ideal service requires no interface to get to the benefit.

    Luck of interface helps increase efficiency, illuminate users’ mistakes and bring benefit to the client faster. For instance, Amazon Dash buttons remove web interactions between clients and service. One click orders a detergent or drinks. Instead of going to the web, searching the right product, clicking “Purchase“ and putting an order — just a single click on a physical button.

    The ideal e-shop just sells, the ideas post office just delivers, the ideal public transport gets you to the destination and the ideal headphones just play music.

    No UI approach is based on the idea that a system delivers the benefit to the client the most efficient way, removing all unnecessary.

    Bureau Gorbunov shares this idea in their works. Also, Luke Wroblewski mentioned it on Conversations 2017.

    The best interface is the one that does not exist.

    29th May
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    The Post Оffice and Мail Delivery in the Future

    Post offices and mail delivery are far from being convenient and easy to use. Clients have to manually write addresses, adjust to a suitable time for the courier to pick up mail and delivery is not always reliable. Mail delivery will be simplified and personalised by robots. It’’s cheaper, more reliable and the delivery company will have less complains because of human factor.

    The post office should be digitalised and robotised.

    Order mail or parcel dispatch

    With a post app, you will choose where to send mail. With the phone, will be possible with AR determine dimensions of the box. After sharing your contact book with post app the system it will be enough to choose the contact by name. The system will figure out the rest itself: addressee location and suitable time for the delivery. No post codes, addresses or manual input.

    Mail collection

    Next drones or cars with autopilot will come to collect your mail. Right now human couriers are cheaper. But with an organised fleet of robots, they will adjust to times and locations. And in general will be faster and more pleasent to interactwith. The robot will bring an envelope or a container for the mail, where you put letters or what you are sending.

    The envelope or container has a code and will be sealed and sent to warehouse. This will provide identification of post delivery, senders and tracking.

    Sorting and delivery

    In operational centre software already calculate how many robots it will need to deliver parcels and build the most optimal route. Priority mail delivery will cost more and will be faster.

    Like in Amazone warehouses, post is sorted and sent to another city or country. Letters and parcels within one city don’t go to sorting but instead directly to an addressee.

    The route-planning software would like to have access to the addressee calendar in order to find the best option timewise and locations for the delivery.


    If people will not feel like sharing calendar and location with post office system this still will be post offices where sender bring mails or parcels and the addressee can receive them later. Of course, storing parcels and a letter will cost money. I believe the majority will prefer to share location, calendar and phonebook data in exchange for cheap services and convenience.

    Since there will be no place for people and delivery personnel in this system, they will have to find another occupation.

    14th May
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    Music Likes: April

    April brought more Japanese rock, European indie and some good old songs. From my top picks, this month are Silversun Pickups — It Doesn’t Matter Why, catchy その向こうへ — 10-FEET and the soundtrack from the movie Pet Sematary by Starcrawler. Continue the spring collection.

    Enjoy the collection on Spotify. Suitable for a commute or travelling on foot. For Apple Music use Convertify to get the playlist.

    3rd May
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    Ideas for Scooter Sharing Experince

    Micro-mobility gaining popularity because it’s faster than car-based trips. Sometimes even faster than a public transportation. In my opinion scooters and bikes will not change transportation in the cities, but will be a solid addition to current means. To have a better experince in the future I propose a set of ideas for scooters and sharing services.

    Micro mobility scooters preview

    LED stripe displays charge level

    Micro mobility scooters charging levels

    When it comes to finding a suitable scooter for a ride — battery charge is the most important criteria. It’s a bummer to find a pool of scooters, open the app, tap on every vehicle and find out that all of them have a dead battery. There are no visual indicators on scooters to let you know they’re out of commission. I propose to use an LED stripe to show charge level.

    Micro mobility scooters charging levels

    An LED stripe can be a part of a headlights.

    Bird and Lime already preparing a next generation of vehicles to be more durable and long lasting. LED can be a convenient modification for next generation of public scooters.

    AR to show charge levels

    Micro mobility scooters charging levels

    LED stripe with charge level is a technical improvement. Augmented Reality (AR) can be a software improvement to solve discoverability and low battery problem. Unfortunately, GPS only solution will not be accurate. With software enchantments, mobile internet and Bluetooth — positioning of a single vehicle can be accurate up to 2 meters.

    Vehicle unlock with NFC

    Micro mobility scooters charging levels

    Taking a picture of QR or type a digit code is slow. For now, Apple is reserved to open NFC chip to third-party developers. I believe this will change with time.

    No screen

    Considering NFC unlocking, charge level in the app or with LED stripe — the scooter of the future will not need a display. Currently, it shows speed and how much charge left. In the future, it will indicate parking zones.

    All of this can be displayed in the app with the map. Less screens and technology on the scooter – cheaper and more durable it can be.

    Integration with maps

    Micro mobility scooters charging levels

    Scooters or e-bikes will make a good addition to city transport. Map integration solves discoverability, charge and parking questions.

    For riders with set destination map service collects charge and location data from scooters, combine it with allowed parking zones, bike lanes and terrain and build an optimal route. Based on this information map service can offer a nearby scooter, estimate the price and provide the best ride.

    Scooters will be a part of our day to day commute. It will take time, effort, regulations and new design solutions to bring them to public. I have designed experince for renting scooters on Apple Watch. I belive, in the future it will help to provide a smoother and enjoyable ride experience.

    16th April
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    Scooter Sharing App on Apple Watch

    Being a controversial topic, increase of bike and scooter sharing services becomes a trend of recent years. I designed an experience for micro mobility ride sharing on wearables.

    Apple Watch Scooter Sharing App

    I set a limit for the design: no changes to scooter’s construction and the watch app is an addition to the phone. Watch should cover quick unlock, search and ride. The phone is needed for on-boarding, payment set up or issue reporting.

    To make a decision about renting a scooter client needs to know:

    Watch app can provide answers to those questions in the compact, convenient and understandable form. I defined two scenarios which can benefit from using a watch:

    In front of a scooter

    Scooter is in front of you. Unlock and go. Currently, services use a QR or digit code to identify and unlock vehicles. Geopositioning and mobile internet help to verify if the client really near the vehicle.

    Apple Watch Scooter Sharing App: Unlock near by scooter

    ▶ High resolution video

    Watch is about quick interactions. One screen helps to make decision about renting based on amount of battery charge.

    Find a scooter suitable for a ride

    If there are no scooters in close proximity (let’s say 10 meters), watch can help to locate vehicles in walkable distance. Search gives a list of scooters with charge and distance to them. In case all near by scooters have low battery, search is always accessible afrer scooter cards.

    Apple Watch Scooter Sharing App: search and unlock

    ▶ High resolution video

    What next?

    This user experience can be applied for shared bikes, scooters, e-scooters, mopeds or cars.

    Apple Watch Scooter Sharing App: electric car app

    Speed is valuable for unlocking, finding the right vehicle and getting to the desired destination. The idea of supporting a watch app might be expensive right now. I believe with time, watch can help companies to differentiate from the competition and provide a smoother and enjoyable experience.

    Micro-mobility gaining popularity because it’s faster than car-based trips. Sometimes even faster than public transportation. In my opinion scooters and bikes will not change transportation in the cities, but will be a solid addition to current means. To have a better experince in the future I propose a set of ideas for scooters and sharing services.

    16th April
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    Music Likes: March

    In March, I have been to Amsterdam and Vienna, discovered new art and found Japanese pop-rock and classical artists. The collection is an energetic mix to kick off the beginning of the spring.

    Apple keynote brought Love – Unloved from intro. And the Amsterdam trip brought up the energetic story in Amsterdam – Jaya The Cat. With the track, I started the flight.

    Amazingly emerging Saigmaster and Walsh show “Beauty” featured a room with deep Heart – Darkside. If you have good speakers and a dark room this is the best option to listen to it. Almost put in a trance and enjoyment.

    Enjoy the collection on Spotify. Suitable for a commute or travelling on foot. For Apple Music use Convertify to get the playlist.

    31st March
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    Design Travel Guide: Prague

    Prague design travel guide

    The issue with travel guides is lack of inspiration, design orientation and amount of crowd on popular sights. I found out that a successful design trip is a combination of beautiful places, modern technology and being in well thought environment and small everyday things.

    To find design kicks I plan where and what I’d like to see. I combined spots, good coffee places and museums.

    Last update – 18th of March 2019. Check guides for Amsterdam, Tokyo and Helsinki.


    DOX Museum of Modern art For sure the first place to visit. The building is awesome. There is a huge zeppelin on the top. Exhibitions are usually exciting. The best option to get there by metro and then walk. Adult €8. Quite good coffee place.

    Kamppa Museum Located in the city centre. Having contemporary art from Czech artists and designers. Has a nice look out on the river and Charles bridge. Don’t miss the penguins near the river. €12.

    Prague City Gallery (GHMP) Gallery with several contemporary art exhibitions. Located in several places: The Stone Bell House, Municipal Library, Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace, House of Photography, Villa Bílek, Troja Château and František Bílek’s House in Chýnov. Pick an exhibition from the website and visit a location. €5 per building.

    Národní galerie Also spread across several locations. Has a permanent exhibition of Czech artist and cubists. Also has changing exhibition of contemporary art. €6 per building.

    Galerie Rudolfinum Sometimes running exhibitions of modern and contemporary art. Also showcasing photography and installations. For now, admission is free.


    Metro stations are mostly boring. Worth checking: Náměstí Republiky, Andel, Rajská zahrada and Střížkov.
    The one-hour ticket should cover visiting all of them with taking pictures. €1.25

    During summer across the Vltava river goes ferries. Can be used with regular transport ticket.


    La Bohème Café (Sázavská 2031/32) Big selection of tea. Nice interior and good for relaxing day. Great interior. Bad Wi-Fi and not comfortable for work. Late €2,5.

    Cafe Louvre (Národní 1987/22) Touristic but amazingly looking space. Go there for cakes or a good breakfast and lunch. They have a seasonal menu plus lunch menus. No Wi-Fi. In the evening can be noisy. Flat white €2.7

    Cafe Savoy (Vítězná 124/5) Classy, expensive French cafe for breakfast and brunch. Good location to the river. Free Wi-Fi. Bad for work. Flat white €3.5

    Home Kitchen (Radlická 3185/ 1B & three other locations) Perfect for work or meeting. Free Wi-Fi, delicious soups and sandwiches. Interior in minimalistic industrial style. Have four locations in total. Soup from €2,7. Flat white €2,8.

    EMA espresso bar (Na Florenci 1420/3) Small and cosy coffee place. One of the best flat whites in Prague. Created by a graphic designer. Good for meetings. Flat white €2.6

    Locations and places

    Karlin district — modern office districts, with great architecture, cafes and views. Has bike roads, the museum of post and view on a river.

    Letenské sady — the big park with iconic view on a river. Has a statue of the metronome.

    Vyšehrad — old castle with church and park. Second iconic view on Prague bridges and red roofs.

    Troja bridge — modern looking pridge across the Vltava river.

    P.S. Designers and creatives share your picks and interesting spots by mail or on Telegram.

    18th March
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    No Dashboard for Fintech Products

    I think in the future there will be no privacy at all. For instance, modern insurance tracks when clients leave the country and turn foreign health insurance automatically. Integration between services will be easier and fintech, insurance and health care will follow eventually. This means there will be less UI.

    no dashboard

    There will be no need for the dashboard in banking services. Contextual suggestions will be the best option to sell services.

    While buying the new Tesla in the online shop, banking startup can suggest a loan knowing your spending habits, history and credit history.

    For dishonest stores, fintech automatically issue a one-time prepaid card to make a purchase. All these done in the background without bothering the client.

    Tax report for the last month should just go automatically. With all calculations, form filling and such.

    No dashboard. No UI. No complications.

    17th March
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    Tesla and Timeless Design

    After Tesla revealed Model Y I felt that Model S body design looks outdated. Only five years have passed since the release, and the futuristic car became ordinary looking. To explain this let’s refer to three rules of timeless design.

    Tesla timless design

    To become timeless design should be simple, durable and affordable.

    Tesla cars are durable and high quality. Their simplicity is strongly connected to technology. And affordability depends on price strategy.

    Technology and simplicity

    Consumers buying Tesla because of electro motors, battery, autopilot, over air software updates, summoning feature.

    In new models, tech advancements provide easier interactions. The same happening with iPhones: with the introduction of Touch ID phone lost a whole button and got simpler. Simpler looking object tend to be perceived as better designed.


    Model S starts 85 000 USD and model Y from ​47 000 USD, respectively. When a simpler design with more benefits is more affordable, the precious generation becomes immediately outdated. The same story happened with MacBook which is cheaper and thinner compared to the older model.

    For tech and digital companies, it’s hard to build a timeless design. Technology changes each day, becoming more complex. Also, the function of the product is changing constantly. The car of today is becoming a digital extension of us. Not only it should drive around. But also match our habits and demands. That is why the design of the most futuristic car from 2013 getting outdated today.

    15th March
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