How to Fix Anytime's Carsharing Newsletter

    I received an email from the local carsharing:

    anytime carsharing newsletter

    As I understand, this is the newsletter for the current customers. The idea was to let people know how to benefit from taking a car for a longer time. Unfortunately, besides the complicated layout, the message misses the customer. Only after going to the web I found out that 399 Kč is a good deal, compared to the regular tariff – 1200 Kč for 4 hours. I think I know how to do it better.

    What’s wrong?

    There are poor scenarious, weak examples, misleading message and complicated information presentation.


    If we remove images, layout and styling:

    We have another tariff for you - for 4 hours this time.
    What can you manage in 4 hours?
    Go to the movies and have a dinner, the car will wait for you. Or bigger shopping or meetings across the city
    New tariff 4h Standard for 399 CZK
    Includes 40km, 6.99/km afterwards. 
    You can select this tariff by default in the car rental screen in our application Anytime Carsharing CZ. Well let's go!

    In short: “Four hours, 399 CZK. Go to movies, do shopping, have a meeting. Buy, 399 CZK, Please, buy.” The newsletter is not talking about my benefits as a customer: why the price is better, how can I win from taking the car longer or why will it be more convenient. Instead, business speaking about their needs.

    Use cases:

    I am sceptical about provided reasons for taking a car for a longer period. Car sharing is cheaper than a taxi, yet still expensive compared to public transit. Go to a cinema or a restaurant for two can be done by public transport. However, if you have a big family or kids — car sharing is a convenient and affordable choice.


    Images are about price and hours. Illustrations are nice, but there is no sense that I am going for a ride, no drive or excitement. To be fair Anytime has an amazing video ad. As well, everything that was mentioned in cases should be presented by images.

    How to make it better?

    Let’s start with cleaning and defining the message. Instead of the question, I used a statement of why 4 hours ride will be useful for the client:

    anytime carsharing newsletter

    Czechs love to get financial benefits. I supported the headline with numbers. I changed word tariff to a more suitable and simple term “rent”.

    Next, use cases for having a car for 4 hours. In Prague to cross the city from one end to another takes roughly 1.5 hours. The city is small. There should be some waiting time in between rides. And the client does not want to lose the car. However, the gap should not be huge, because the clients do not want to waste money. I came up with those scenarios:

    There is some waiting time and it will not be convenient to lose the car in those situations. When illustrating those cases ideally, the car should be a part of the action. Checking images in the web:

    anytime carsharing newsletter

    Images, of course, should be taken with a real Anytime car and preferably within Prague’s setting. And fixing the layout of the newsletter:

    anytime carsharing newsletter

    I address information differently, changed the perspective and presented how 4 hours of carsharing can be beneficial. As a small touch, the company can add a list of interesting locations near Prague where clients can go.

    For comparison:

    anytime carsharing newsletter

    P.S. I am not working or associated with Anytime in any way.

    P.P.S. This post appeared because I have a principal: “Instead of criticising — fix it.”

    2nd October
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    Care about Work & Own it

    I have a principal: I work on a project as I own it. Fully. The project is mine starting from people and finishing with its performance after launch. I know people who are doing work for a time which mentioned in the contract or take responsibility for a specific part of of the project. However, for me, it’s hard to work this way.

    It does not mean that I will do work for other people or tell them what to do. There are a lot of unforeseen and unpredictable variables in the work process. Thus, I try to know as much as I can and broad my area of responsibility.

    For the corporate banking project, I was asked to only produce the user interface. But, I thought about development and management and helped to deliver the design system.

    I take each project as if I do it for myself and will be using it after.

    22nd September
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    Music Likes: August

    Month was great for German and Korean. A lot of tracks are suitable for road trips and kicking in working season. Most memorable are Maserati, Bet My Brains by Starcrawler, and 1234 by Emigrate.

    Enjoy the collection on Spotify. Suitable for a commute or travelling on foot. For Apple Music use Convertify to get the playlist.

    30th August
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    Essen, Coal mine and Design

    Metro in the city center:

    essen trip

    Metro sign:

    essen trip

    Social advertisement calling to use public transport:

    essen trip

    In Zollverein Coal Mine Complex there are house numbers signs with heavy industrial brutal look:

    essen trip


    essen trip

    Floor navigation:

    essen trip

    Some redesigned constructions:

    essen trip

    essen trip

    essen trip

    Inside there is a musuem with cosy cafe, design museum and educative exhibition about coal mining:

    essen trip

    essen trip

    Parts of mechanisms projected on a wall to explain how coal was sorted:

    essen trip

    Visit Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex and Red Dot museum.

    15th August
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    Rest is your duty

    No manager or boss is going to plan weekends, holidays and vacations for you. No colleagues or supervisors schedule breaks or pauses. It’s on you. We are on a long marathon and being in shape guarantees better results. With a personal open schedule and increased responsibility, people tend to overwork and spend less time on themselves. The result – drained and unhappy workaholics.

    When planning, I, first thing, put pauses and food breaks in the calendar. I know that there will be a pause and it allows me to stay concentrated. Concentration vanishes in 20 to 30 min and I have a break to counter that. Time is limited and the brain works better solving harder tasks.

    As a responsible professional with an open schedule plan breaks first. Then — work.

    13th August
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    Told ya

    Don’t say “I told you so”. Be polite.

    This literaly leads you to nowhere. The reson is: those, who remembered, next time will pay attention to your comments. It’s a win. And they will appreciate your politeness and attention. Next big win.

    Those who didn’t remember might step on a same rake again. Nothing you can do. And reminding them will make them angry.

    1st August
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    Music Likes: July

    I started a new job, travelled to Germany by car for 700km and discovered Korean shows. In July’s collection: driving indie rock, Korean and Geman songs and some good oldies. Check out Bump of Chicken, Monoliths by Maserati, Jarum and Get Yourself Together by Black Keys.

    Enjoy the collection on Spotify. Suitable for a commute or travelling on foot. For Apple Music use Convertify to get the playlist.

    1st August
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    Music Likes: June

    June was cheotic and I barealy got 15 songs. Tho, have two interesting new coming. In this collecton asian bits from Empress – Mosh, dynamic rithm from Can you see me now – Miles Kane and melodic Puzzle – Band Maid.

    Enjoy the collection on Spotify. Suitable for a commute or travelling on foot. For Apple Music use Convertify to get the playlist.

    5th July
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    Link's Awakening Telegram Stickers

    A week ago I published a sticker pack to celebrate Link’s Awakening on Nintendo Switch.

    Link's Awakening on Nintendo Switch

    The work had a friendly reception. In one week more than 110 installs and more than 200 times used on Telegram. It made to the hot list of r/zelda on reddit.

    Get Link’s Re:Awakening Telegram stickers.

    For the future is to share the pack for discord community and for iMessage.

    17th June
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    Enable Dark Mode in CSS for Safari iOS 13

    With MacOS to Mojave 10.14 Apple introduced dark theme support with CSS. With the release of iOS 13 same benefit comes to Safari on the iPhone and iPad.

    Implementing dark mode is easy. Include media query to CSS of a web page:

    @media (prefers-color-scheme: dark) {/* styles for dark mode */}

    I believe we should provide the best experience when the browser automatically detects the user’s choice. Soon there will be a crowd on iPhones and iPads with iOS 13 who turn on dark mode and go browsing. Care about the viewer and their eyes. Prepare your web pages.

    Dark mode iOS web

    Three main design principles for dark mode

    1. Use shades of white and black. White text on pure black background makes reading hard for eyes.
    2. Use lighter weights for fonts if possible. This will increase readable and make letterforms sharper.
    3. Switch to PNG for transparency.
    9th June
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