The Best Interface

    In general designers talk about UI in terms of ”good” and ”bad”. MacOS having amazing interfaces (maybe not) and Android is horrible.

    But if we abstract from those simple terms and look deeper – the working design is one where each element is brining the value.

    And it does not matter which color and size are used. In great design each element has a purpose and a reason. It will be easy to describe what element are doing and what value are brining. We should aspire to keep only trully important in the UI.

    Each element: border around the text, buttons, fields, pop-up, dash, icon or input are brining a message to the interface. And by removing those small bits of unnecessary information we can make the main action more prominent and easier to use.

    The best interface is the one which you don’t need to use.

    2nd April
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    Summary of the lecture about Future of the Family

    I collected main points for myself about the future of the family and work based on the lecture from Ekaterina Shulman.

    Екатерина говорит, что в моде просветительская действенность. Но её печалит, что разговоры посвящены прошлому. Она считает, что пока мы не определим желаемое будущее, мы не разберемся с прошлым.

    Базовые изменение 20 века индустриализация и урбанизация.

    Идет 4 волна индустриализации. Новая промышленная революция. Роботы, глобализация, автоматизация, общая слежка, смерть приватности, изменения жизни городов, изменение моральных норм, трансформация жизни людей.


    Идет переход от индустриального к пост-индустриальному обществу. Пост-ресурсов, пост-труда. Автоматизация и роботизация делает труд все более дешевым и менее затратным, требующим меньше человеческого участия.

    Второй тренд — информационное общество: всеобще инфо пространство и траспорентность. Государства и корпорации следят за гражданами. А гражданам открываются все больше и больше механизмов стоящие за гос структурами.

    Будущее семьи

    На институт семьи больше будут влиять не признание гомосексуальности, а экономические реалии. В первые в истории человечества стало возможным выживание в одиночку. Раньше, цель создания семьи была в совместном выживании и выращивании детей, которые в старости будут вас кормить.

    Теперь глваной “угрозой” семьи являются так называемые singles, люди ведут одинокий образ жизни, не заводящие детей и не образующие пары.

    Новая формула включает в себя дистанционную работу в виртуальном пространстве. Люди больше и больше будут проводить времени вместе. Поэтому выбор тех с кем они живут становится более значимым.

    Изменился механизм рекрутинга половых партнеров. Раньше это была семья, рабочий или учебный коллектив. Сейчас, благодаря интернету, человечеству доступен весь мир. В тоже время, так как не семья ни общество теперь не несёт ответственности за выбор людей — то на плечи человека ложиться ответственность выбора партнера.

    Люди учатся общаться и понимают, что в сказанное в сети остается в сети навсегда. Люди из прошлого, всегда будут пребывать в вашем круге общения. Это повышает цену общения и социальных контактов.

    30th March
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    Japanese Food in Prague


    Taiko Ramen Bar, Husitská 63 🍜

    Miska Ramen Bar, Španělská 2 🍜

    Yamato, U Kanálky 14 🍣

    Cafe & Bar en, Mánesova 36 ☕🍺

    Onigirazu, Milady Horákové 9 🍙


    BON Fresh Ramen & Soba, Ibsenova 1 🍜

    Isai Ramen Bistro, Křenová 9 🍜

    Kitchen Ramen Bar, Října 9 🍜

    Takumi, Senovážné náměstí 6 🍜

    Mash Hana, Badeniho 3 🍣🍜

    Sumi Garden, Slavíkova 18 🍣🍜

    Katsura, Evropská 15 🍜 🥩

    Made in Japan, Rytířská 10 🍣

    Miyabi, Navrátilova 10 🍣

    Hanabi Sushi House, Petrská 11 🍣

    Planet Sushi, Nádražní 110 🍣

    The Sushi Bar, Zborovská 49 🍣

    Yami Sushi House, Masná 3 🍣

    Yoshihashi Sushi, Rámová 4 🍣

    Engawa, Petrské náměstí 1664 🍣🥩

    Hanil, Slavíkova 24 🍣🥩

    Hanzu Kitchen, Kaprova 10

    12th March
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    Mt. Jeshted

    Galary with pictures from the ride.

    22nd February
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    Apple Watch Calendar Wallpaper

    Apple Watch Calendar Wallpaper

    Calendar for a month for Apple Watch.

    How to add

    Save image to iPhone. In image Share menu choose “Create Watch Face”.

    Choose “Photo Watch Face”. Done.

    Download calendar for January

    38 mm

    40 mm

    42 mm

    44 mm

    Size of the watch is written on the back of the rabber band or watch body.

    6th January
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    Self Design: Plan for 2021

    In 2020 we launched the crypto exchange, brand for Eco Energy World Group, web for Chocotopia, I have updated portolio and CV, lerned 3D with Cinema 4D and a bit of Japanese, started a Telegram chennel about Japanese Urban design, I did not so much traveling.

    To read

    1. The Visual Display of Quantitative Information by Edward Tufte

    2. Envisioning Information by Edward Tufte

    3. Beautiful Evidence by Edward Tufte

    4. Do It Tomorrow and Other Secrets of Time Management by Mark Forster

    5. Orgmanagment thinking by Georgy Shedrovicky

    6. Image of the City by Kevin Lynch

    7. Pitch Anything. An Innovative Method for Presenting, Persuading and Winning the Deal by Oren Klaff

    8. Why We Buy by Paco Underhill

    To watch

    1. Yandex project management school

    To visit

    January — Czech Republic: Mt. Praded, Bozi dar

    February — Czech Republic: Czech Switzerland, Mt. Jeshted

    March — Czech Republic: more lockdowns.

    April — Czech Republic: Telch, Slavonice, Jindrichuv hradec, WRC Rally Croatia – canceled.

    May — Netherlands: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Delft.

    June – Oslo

    July — Portugal, Russia

    August – Belgium: Bruges, Brussels.

    September – Copenhagen

    October – Gemrany, Budapest

    November – Japan, Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Enoshima, Fukuoka, Kagoshima, Kumamoto, WRC Rally Japan, Aichi Gifu

    December – Russia

    To study

    1. Czech Language – A2 level / B1
    2. Japanese Kanji
    3. Swift UI Stanford course

    To create

    1. Watch Calendar January
    2. Health travel pass: Concept of the Digital Green Certificate
    3. Japanese Font Gurotesuka
    4. Regional micro Typography In progress
    5. My perfect day
    6. Five year plan
    7. Prague metro map In progress
    8. Akihabara map In progress
    9. Products inspired by the streets of Prague
    10. 3D stickers of a melonpan whale
    11. Cabinet for reciving payments

    From the previous year I follow a concept for my personal growth and self-design. In its core a model of personal skills represented as the octopus. Each tentacle is a skill. To improve a skill one needs to do work.

    1st January
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    Food Тracking and Health App

    Besides being active or looking at their phones humans eat. A lot. And to track what you had is hard. There are smart forks, sensors, and apps. Usually with manual input. There is no magic in punching fats and carbs in a table.

    Food box providers, canteens, or restaurants already have all food data. Why not share it?

    Unite food tracking with lunch boxes and canteens

    Excluding cases when a doctor has to guide the patient, I am talking about people with a desire to have a healthier life.

    A potential customer of the service may look for a canteen or lunch box service, which provides food data. Data tracked via Maps can show restaurants that provide food data.

    As soon as the place has been found the client has all information about the menu, portions, carb, calories, fats, etc. Menu and portions suggestions based on lifestyle, sports goals, and allergies.

    When a client buys food via the app or pays on a cash desk, data immediately transferred to the phone. If the client does not finish the meal – the record may be removed from the list.

    At the end of the week data combined into a report. This approach may help to bring more customers to stores, predict food supply, and make people’s lives better.

    12th October
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    How to Disable Tab Preview in Safari MacOS Big Sur

    You can disable tab previews in debug menu.

    Allow access to Full Disk for Terminal

    Go to Settings > Security & Privacy > Privacy

    How to Disable Tab Preview in Safari MacOS Big Sur

    Restart the Mac

    Type in Terminal

    defaults write IncludeInternalDebugMenu 1

    How to Disable Tab Preview in Safari MacOS Big Sur

    and Launch Safari

    Unselect Show Tab Preview on Hover

    In Tab Features > Show Tab Preview on Hover remove the check mark

    How to Disable Tab Preview in Safari MacOS Big Sur

    To hide Debug menu type in Terminal

    How to Disable Tab Preview in Safari MacOS Big Sur

    21st September
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    Cinema 4D: cheatsheet

    UI and operations

    1 – move left / right
    2 – zoom forward / backward
    3 – rotate

    Alt + L click – rotate around the point
    Alt + R click – zoom to the point
    Alt + Scroll wheel – move around

    View > Fame default — to reset to standard view

    Layout > Start up — to reset UI

    S – move fast to the object
    H – show the whole scene

    Shape movements

    Red – X axis
    Blue – Z axis
    Green – Y axis

    To return to the center of the coordinates: position should be 0,0,0 and Apply

    E – Move
    T – Scale
    R – Rotate

    CMD + click – to copy/clone elements

    W – to switch between coordinate systems

    1st September
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    Recipe to understand truly important

    I got my recipe to understand truly moving film, song, book or animation.

    They encourage or even make to take your own journey. Inspire not to copy chacaters, action or story but to go your way. And follow what is important.

    29th August
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