Secret of Moscow Metro
Secret areas in Moscow Metro have been planed even before it was opened in 1935. In the heart of Moscow was planed a staton "Sovetskya" by personal Stalin's order. Later this station was sealed, and that's where the rumors started. Now there four hidden metro 2 lines under the Russian capital.

Teatralnaya is an underground metro station in the senter of Moscow, named for the nearby Teatralnaya Square.

The depth of the station is 34m. The metro system has been used as a bomb shelter during World War II.

Metro 2 map
Metro 2 is a secret hidden construction. It does not belong to goverment, and there for does not transport govermental officials in peacfull time. The main function is to avacuate people in case of bomb strike. Also service, transportation of cargo and kremlin personal. The whole system is using one way traks (because during evacuation all trains will be sent out of the capital). The defference to a reggular metro is that there are no ventelation shaft. As well, there is no contact track on most of the lines: the trains equped with huge battaries, which can be charged in the Kremlin station or at the end of the lines.
  • Line 1
  • Line 2
  • Line 3
  • Line 4
Put into operation in 1967. Line starts almost under the Kremlin (the entrance near the Biblioteka imeni Lenina civil station). Another entranse is placed in a small yellow house near the library: it's a special house there are two entrances: to a civil Filivskya line and Metro 2. After that line makes a stop under the Moscow State Univeristy. And the final destination is in an underground city Ramenky in 27 km from Moscow.
Put into operation in the beggining of 1987. The length is 60 km (which is a record among metro tunnels). The line starts under the Kremlin and then goes south to the govermental holiday hotel, which back in a day was secret comand point. On this line there is a sealed station "Sovetskaya", which has a connection with the civil metro.
Put into operation in the 1987. Length 25 km. The line also starts under the Kremlin. Then goes to the comand point under Lubyanka, then to Bolshoy theathere (in the civil metro passage there is a fauntain, which maskes the passage to the Metro 2 line), and then goes to comand point Zarya on the South-East of Moscow. This city is still operates as a stratigic secret command point.
There is little information leaked about this line. Known that in 1997 in Moscow budjet was build into the budget for it's construction. The station should start near "Smolenkaya" as a separation from the Line 1, then goes to Park Pobedy and ends up in the new bunker of civil defence in Barviha village.