European Typography and Layout Course

On 22nd of September we are launching an online course “European Typography and Layout” for designers, copywriters and managers.

The main idea: help you create mazing layouts on screen, web and urban environment.


It might be that you read a lot of books about design, know about frameworks. Or it might be your first web and you, like we in the past, can’t figure out how to make a great layout. Grids are not helping, columns and images placed in order but result is poor.

Our online course help you to build solid and working layout. We will explain layout constructions, give examples of already working solutions which are better then others. Ald also tell about modules, anchor points and how to use proximity theory.

This online course will be useful to to beginners and a student designers, copywriters, developers and managers. Knowledge of typography will help you, but not required. You need to know any graphic editor to complete tasks.


Each week you will receive an emails. In total 10 emails. There will be 3 practical tasks. For each task you will receive a video feedback with audio comments and explanation from designers from our team how to make your layout better.

Example of email
Example of video
Before the 1st of Septmeber there is pre-order: for 900 PHP.

From 10th of Septmeber the price will be 1200 PHP, from 15th – 1500 PHP.

There is 5% discount for you and your friend if you buy the course together.


1. Rule of inner and outer spacing
2. Moduls
3. Anchor objects
4. Dot, line and rectangle
5. Text: size, kerning, line height and width, aligment and color
Practicum: navigation sign, poster or playbill

6. Headline, Illustration, Link and controls
7. Text with and without illustrations, Timeline
Practicum: screen for mobile ui, advertisment

8. Choosing the right forn the the job, Type mood
9. Grids, factoids, authors, social buttons
10. Breaking the grid
Practicum: about yourself page

When will I recive the course?

You will recive lectures as email one time per week. First letter 22 September 2019. If you subscribing after, the first mail will come same day and the next in a week.

Why price is changing?

For our most loyal customers and one who decided to give us a try we would like to revard you with a discount. As closer the date of the start gets, the higher will be the price.

Can I buy course together with a friend?

No. This course only for indivuduals. We don't sign any other documents. This web page is a contract. Sending the payment confirms that you agree with terms of agrement.

Can I return money if the course is not suited for me?

Yes. Please write to

Can copy this course and publish on my web page? I will give a link.

No. Course only for individual studying. Copying is forbiden.

If emails don't come?

Please check your spam folder. If it didn't work please write to

Why are you going to teach us layout desing? Are you Apple or do you work for them?

Our design department has been creating product since 2005. We helped more then 30 different clinets from Europe to lauch their financial services. For this time we understand how to win the competition and earn more. In this course we will show the path to creating a succesful layout.

Can you garantee that I become a professional designer after the course?

No. We only garantee that you will recive materials of the course. How to apply knowledge from them is your responsability.


Pre-purchase of newletter for 900 PHP. The newsletter starts the 22nd of September.
From September 1st – 1100 PHP

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Payment 900PHP for Course

Subscribe for 10 emails and 3 homework