Hello Nokia!
I am the product designer for your task.
I solve design and managment problems in order to help business work and deliver digital products.

Relevant projects for you

Strategy and Interfaces for corporate finances
I took the full responsibility for ideating, strategising, defining and designing the final result. Also, I managed the team to prepare the design.
More about digital banking experience
Verification app experince
I lead the design of the product, interfaces and accpeted the final result from the development team. I did project managment for design team and developemnt process.
More about design of online money remitance
Money transfers experience
Lead role in creating user experience for online money transfers. I developed UI and UX for transfer process and inside processes.
More about design of online money remitance
Other projects in the portfolio & work experince in CV
My process to deliver products
User research

I get to know your clients. I understand their needs and tasks. This helps to create a product for them and come up with the original solutions.

Product strategy

I continue with the idea, setting up goals and targets. We decide on the complexity of the task, what tools will be needed and product direction.

UI/UX design

Design of the product experience, different states and interactions across different devices and platforms.

Prototyping and testing

To ensure the quality, I build and test as many prototypes as possible.


I prepare the final assets for you and support the development process to verify and deliver the high-quality final result.

Project management

I help to keep your project in great shape and update and with the latest design practices.

Write an e-mail or +420 777 149 078 to discuss your project.