V4 Trust. Czech Presidency
A proposal for Czech presidency of the Visegrad Group
Task: create a logo with a slogan and application materials.
In 2015-2016 Czech Republic was representing the The Visegrád Group. The motto of the meeting is V4 trust. I created a proposal for Czech Republic.

visegrad logotype

Simple logotype with deep meaning, Czech origin, which looks great on paper and on screen

visegrad logotype meaning

Logo full of meaning: four letters “V”, heart of Europe, circle as symbol of union and rose windows from gothic architecture.

Visegrád Group has a series of events, which are happening during the whole year. For different ocasions was created a complite visual style.

visegrad logotype meaning

Set of beautifuf, official and convenient to use stationary.

visegrad logotype meaning

On the envelopes the logotype is used to protect “secrets” of the Visegrad.

Receiving the brief and deconstructing it. Understanding who the client is, what do they want. This project came as an open contest, so there are no strict boundaries.

Start with researching visuals. Looking at the official logo and presidency logos for other countries.

Looking at more V4 related logos.

A good example can be EU presidency logos.

Receiving the final requests. Logo must include :

  • motto «V4 Trust» and «Czech Presidency of the Visegrad Group 2015/2016»
  • Colours of the Corporate Identity of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Deadline: 12. 3. 2015

Beginning with some brainstorming about what can represent trust.

Exploring idea of a key, crown, simple solutions with dots and rectangle.

In school deciding that most of them not working and over complicated. 6 and 5 are the strongest so far. However, key handle looks like a gothic symbol. (That was a key entry point to final solution).

Continue looking for a symbol and going on inspirational research to Prague Castle, Prague’s streets, churches and museums.

One of the first digital sketches during the research. Not working. More suitable for Prague’s transport department.

What if use an old metaphor – Prague is a heart of Europe?

Exploring the idea and start developing the logo. V, heart of Europe, circle as the symbol of union and rose windows from gothic architecture.

Looking for the proportions and content. Previous option (1) was better. Time to apply typography.

Immediately rejecting Helvetica and Futura. Because it is too much of those fonts around. Ending up with two concepts with Prima (3 and 4).

As soon symbol was developed and typography applied going for the stationary set. The logo must look great there as well.

Trying on identity.

Rethinking placement of wordmark.

Deciding to use a simpler placement of the text part. Let logo do all the work. Doing a lot of print-outs to check the placement.

Designing a set of business cards. Vertical wins. The line under name will be removed later.

Fixing small details, anchor points and adjusting colours. The last touch to do a stationary for the submission. Preparing print materials.

Wrapping up, writing the address and sending to contest.